Ana'Gia Wright


In the grand scheme of things, Sheridan Malcolm has it all: a quiet life, a 
loving family and a successful contracting business. But beneath the pitter patter 
of little feet, thoughts of his past intrude upon his peace of mind. There is still a 
missing piece to the puzzle, one that he is not sure he is ready to face.

Amira Malcolm stands by her husband in any endeavor he opts to undertake. 
When he is called away on business, her world is thrust into utter chaos. Her 
friends tell her they’ve seen Sheridan with other women and Amira doesn’t know 
what to think. Discovering she is pregnant, she tries to put the rumors to rest for 
the sake of her marriage and her unborn child.

The pregnancy news comes as a shock to Sheridan, especially when the dates 
aren’t adding up. And with the accusations his wife is throwing his way, Sheridan 
starts to ask questions of his own. His mother always told him to keep his friends 
close and his family even closer. Could it be that someone from his past is 
sabotaging his future and if so, how far will they go to ruin his life?

Apple, Kobo &
Loving Dasia
Left at the altar by the love of her life, Dasia Warrington contemplates her next move. Fed up with men and near depression, a chance meeting with a man in her honeymoon hotel is not exactly what she has in mind, but with very little money and no place to live, an offer of a roof over her head is hard to turn down.

Meeting the beautiful Dasia is a wake-up call to real estate tycoon Grimarious Guatreaux. Aside from the hurt from his last relationship, G has a family secret that sometimes puts his life at risk. But something about this woman makes him want to take a chance on a relationship once again. 

As their romance blossoms and G moves Dasia into his mansion, things become complicated. G wants nothing more than to protect Dasia and make her happy, but now his secret life is a threat to both of them. Dasia begins an investigation, and learns of her man's dangerous double life. If both of them make it out of this alive, there just might be a chance at happily ever after.

Life for Krystal Bao drastically changes after she finds her first love, Jerad, in a tub full of blood. Since her parents denied her the opportunity to say goodbye one final time and cope with her grief, Krystal runs away from all she's ever known.

Yohan and The Trio provide sanctuary and security for Krystal, knowing their cousin Jerad would only want what's best for her. All that's asked in return is that she deal with the demons that keep her from moving on with her life. Yohan is the knight in shining armor she needs, but his past has a few skeletons also.

Life isn't always what it seems, and sometimes decisions effect more than just the 
person making them.